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Among the variety of products offered by Spy Agents, the wireless cameras have the ability to be both portable and flexible in terms of placement for video surveillance purposes because of the fact that wires are no longer part of your worries. These types of video surveillance cameras are composed of wireless transmitter and receiver antennas which also allows closed circuit cameras (CCTV) or Internet protocol (IP) cameras to channel wireless signals through frequencies that reach up to 4 miles away.

These hi-tech digital video cameras provide you with high performance transmission systems for easier and more efficient security structures that allow you to monitor your home, business, loved ones, and valuables 24/7 without having to be physically present in the location. Getting the protection and surveillance you need has never been this available before – Spy Agents is here to make just that possible.

Spy Agents’ wireless cameras let you view captured events and present time footages anywhere you are at any time you want given that you have access to internet connection through your computer or smart phone thus providing you twice the assurance of security. Managing system configurations and data acquisition from the camera can be done the same way through the same devices.

These devices are designed to be hassle-free surveillance equipment which means that snapshots and video recording are done automatically while notifications of activity information and data transfer will be sent via email as often as you need.

Exceptional functions are guaranteed by Spy Agents with our wireless surveillance products as the video cameras are made mutually for indoor and long distance outdoor environments.

Furthermore, Spy Agents ensures the secrecy and security of the data encoded in your program account and the recorded video files as we employ strong measures that avert unauthorized interferences into your camera network so your arrangements go uncompromised.