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One of the best ways to monitor and observe someone or something is to secretly complete the deed. Long been popularized by movies and television series, hidden cameras are now produced by Spy Agents for your consumption. Among these gadgets are the spy watches which are greatly ideal for clandestine investigation as watches are the usual everyday accessories, less likely to be considered for suspicion.

Spy Agents’ spy watches, besides being stylish accessories, are extraordinary technological development that combines a video camera, a still camera, and a digital video recorder compressed all into a small and simple looking watch that can possibly be waterproof for all around deployment. You may utilize it while it is on your wrist or while it is left stationary on a desk.

These spy watches aren’t just cool spy gadgets to brag about but it can effectively be put to use for surveillance purposes to guard possessions and people because of the fact that you can manipulate these effectively even in an open area without anyone noticing it.

The variety of spy watches by Spy Agents can come with simple video surveillance features, Morse code program, or walkie-talkie communication.

Spy watches from Spy Agents let you access detective functions it has such as audio recording, shooting video footages, capturing images even all at once while undercover. At the same time, the spy gadget can be used as a USB flash drive. Other than that, these spy watches can purely be used to synchronize time with your other associates that possess a spy watch allowing you to transmit emergency signals via frequency within a 100 mile range.

It is only practical to acquire one of the spy watches Spy Agents offers since, not only is it aesthetically appealing, it is ultimately portable and beneficial because of its multi-functional features.