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Silver Black Mini Spy Pen DVR 8GB

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Silver Black Mini Spy Pen DVR 8GB

You can get pens with funny additions like giving a very mild electric shock or squirting water when you press down on its top or spin it sideways to get the nib out, but for something really useful, why not go for the Silver Black Mini Spy Pen DVR 8GB?

  • You don’t just get a fully functional, high-quality writing pen, but you also get a 1 megapixel hidden pinhole camera and built-in microphone.
  • The microphone is very sensitive and has the ability to record sounds in a 15 meter radius.
  • The video is of full color and high resolution that gets as clear as 30 frames per second and at a maximum of 1280x720, which you can also adjust to your preference.
  • The built-in battery can get up to two hours of video recording when completely charged.
  • To extend your battery life and maximize the device's space, you can activate the motion activation setting, so the camera starts recording only when there is movement.
  • The Silver Black Mini Spy Pen DVR 8GB also has a very nifty ink cartridge that you can refill when it goes empty.
  • The natural look, small size, and classic style of the pen will fool even the most observant of lookers and makes it easy for you to record audio and video.

 Package includes one Silver Black Mini Spy Pen DVR 8GB, one USB adapter for charging the pen to a DC wall, one USB cable, one stand, one molded sheath for protection, one computer driver, two discs for instruction and software, and one user’s manual.

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