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In the world of surveillance there is no limit to the necessary measures it will take to achieve your security and spying goals. Even day-to-day belongings can be furnished with the espionage technologies for the fulfillment of these surveillance requisites. Spy pens for one are those materials manufactured and provided by Spy Agents that lets you perform inconspicuous investigations.

The spy pens are very portable for the reason that, besides being wireless cameras, these devices can be carried anywhere because of its minute size letting you to sneak it in with you and keep it hidden while in use. With these gadgets you can record audio and visual footages within a range of 100 meters. Also, these spy pens come with built in transmitters that allow you to send the videos, pictures, and audio to a certain computer destination; and memory storage in the form of a USB flash drive.

Spy Agents offers a variety of spy pens, just like any other products we have. Some of which come with an attachable monitor for instant viewing while others have battery capacities that are longer though all of these spy pen products are guaranteed to be equipped with the latest technologies enabling the gadgets to provide crystal clear pictures, quality video recordings, and high resolution audio.

The spy pens can serve the ordinary function of a pen but its unsurpassable function is to grant security and monitoring services because of its ability to record events, both through images and through sound, and its easy accessibility and flexibility in terms of file transfer, computer connection, and non-compulsion of hardware or software installation.

Availing and purchasing Spy Agents’ spy pens grants you the security and surveillance that you need, eradicating possible worries you have in mind as the undercover gadgets allows you the opportunity to acquire necessary information in the most secretive manner.