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HS1450COMBO Four Cameras Combo Pack

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HS1450COMBO Four Cameras Combo Pack

Considered to be the world’s pioneering do-it-yourself alarm system for security, SpyAgents HS1450COMBO four cameras combo pack is a pioneering gadget when it comes to motion detection capturing and wireless alarm. You don’t have to look for other security alarm devices that give you peace of mind. This security alarm system model is compatible with HS1450CCD cameras.

Using the motion activated recording, this very sensitive gadget only records when it senses movements, and select between other recording applications like auto-overwriting, repeated recording, low cost and energy saving, and vibration protection.

This device can record a maximum of 32GB video with 320x240 resolution and JPEG images with 640x480 resolution that can be displayed on LCD screen, television, or PC.

With this device that has at most four cameras (wireless) and a maximum of eight guard zone sensors, you can now secure and assure the safety of your family inside and outside of your home.  This is also highly integrated with built in LCD screen and DVR. Microwave, door contact, vibration, and infrared are few of the things that the sensors can detect, and you can opt to set the alarm in audible, silent mode, or in delay.

The device can be controlled with the use of a remote control or main unit. With its removable SD card, you can easily store and view the footages on your personal computer. You can connect this to your telephone line for the alarm to dial six saved fixed groups of numbers. When there is a power failure, it still saves the recorded and recording data.


  • Can receive 2.4G wireless surveillance image signal
  • Four wireless cameras that can be placed inside and outside any establishment
  • Full surveillance with multiple types of sensors
  • Maximum of eight guard zone sensors
  • Remote control or manually operated
  • Audible and silent modes
  • Six groups of fixed phone numbers for automatic dialing and alarm
  • Embedded recording system
  • Removable memory card
  • Saves data after power failure
  • Playback capable
  • TV or computer monitor display
  • Convenient installation

Technical Features

  • 12VDC 1000ma operating voltage
  • 4.8 watts for power consumption
  • Has an LCD screen of 2.8 inch TFT
  • PAL/NTSC CVBS video format
  • 1 Vp-P of video level
  • -75 of video impedance
  • Storage capacity: 32M to 2GB
  • JPEG format with 640x480 resolution


  • 1 HS1450COMBO four cameras combo pack
  • 1 Users’ manual

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