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Manitoba Live GPS Tracker

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Spy Agents’ Manitoba Live GPS Tracker is the world’s smallest GPS Tracker. This real time Global Positioning System Tracking unit can record all the whereabouts of the material or person. This means that anyone can track the target globally, monitor where it travels, how long it stays in the area, and where it has been. It uniquely stores the data using the GPS data logger through a cell tower, which any person can access anytime.If in case the device is out of coverage of a cell tower, the GPS data logger can collect up to 90,000 locations every 5 seconds in the unit memory and transmits the logged information to the cell tower once it is back in range.


  • Live GPS Tracking Device
  • GPS Data Logger


  • 15 Second Tracking Interval
  • Scheduled Location Reports are Supported
  • Data Storage in the Temporary Absence of a Cell Tower
  • Motion Activation
  • Enabled SMS and GPRS
  • Permits Phone Calls to 3 Contacts upon Panic Button Function Activation
  • Upgradeable
  • Built-in Li-Ion Battery
  • Microphone


  • 1 Multi-Functional Micro Manitoba GPS Tracker
  • 1 AC Adapter
  • 1 Data Cable
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 Software Disc for the Computer
  • 1 Standard Battery Charger Cable

Upgrade (Optional)

  • 90 Day Long-life Battery Package

Technical Specifications

  • Quad Band: GSM 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900
  • Battery Capacity: 1 week; 3 years standby (sleep mode)
  • 1 Digital Output, 1 Analogue Input
  • Horizontal Position Accuracy: SBAS < 2.0m
  • Velocity Accuracy: 0.1 miles per second
  • Heading Accuracy: .5 degrees
  • Dimensions: 3.13 inches x 2 inches x 1 inch
  • External Communication Serial (Mini USB Port): 1200 – 38400 Baud Rate
  • Power Supply Voltage: 3.7 Volts


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