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Soda Bottle Blue Spy Camera DVR 30 Hours

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Soda Bottle Blue Spy Camera/DVR 30 Hours

Are you an avid spy gadget collector? Perhaps, you do not want to miss this one-of-a-kind spy gadget for your collection. Spy Agents gives you the Soda Bottle Blue Spy Camera/DVR 30 Hours, a gadget that looks exactly like a soda bottle. There's more than meets the eye. This product is built-in with a camera that can capture and record high quality videos without drawing much attention. With its common soda bottle structure, no one will notice that it is a recording device. It even shows a liquid-like soda to make it realistic just like an ordinary soda bottle.


  • Records colored videos with 1280x960 resolution up to 30fps
  • Motion detection feature
  • Looks like a normal soda bottle

Technical Features

  • 72° wide viewing angle
  • MicroSD cards up to 64GB
  • 30mins/GB storage consumption
  • 30 hours battery life


  • 1 Soda Bottle Blue Spy Camera/DVR 30 Hours
  • 1 Remote control
  • 1 Charging cord and AC adapter
  • 1 Users' manual


  • MicroSD cards with 64GB must be formatted and cleaned as FAT32. You need an external SD card reader to get the files since 64GB micro SD cards can’t be connected to the computer. If you decide to buy the SD cards, we make sure that they are pre-formatted, and they come with a card reader. You can contact our technical support if you have any queries.
  • Class 6 or better than class 6 microSD cards are recommended.
  • The list current retail price is the item MAP price.

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