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At we offer numerous freight options for whatever suits you best.


Shipping and Tracking

Customer Service



Note: Orders not within the country USA maybe applied with extra charges. If your purchase exceeds the standard weight of 20lbs (9.1 kg), it is already oversized which need to be shipped in separate multiple boxes. We will definitely get your approval for any shipping changes made.

Policy for Delivery Signature

There are Spy Agents Orders that may be transported with “Signature Required” because of the online store rules and regulations. If you can’t be at the delivery location, please do inform us for any change of delivery address (charged with $10).

Special Orders

Special orders are done to ship certain products. Special orders may be prolonged for a few days to ship. We will certainly do our best to locate those products, or get in touch with as soon as possible after your orders have been placed.

International Orders

For those international orders, we accept payments through the following: Credit and Debit Cards, PayPal or Money orders that should be in US Dollars.

After you have placed your international orders, you will receive a verification e-mail that will inquire a few questions to confirm the validity of your purchase. We will ask for your name and the shipping or billing address accompanied with your credit card provider. Additional information will also be required for you to answer. For a simple and quick way of processing international orders, we suggest to order through PayPal which happens to be the most reliable alternative way of payment.

For a more accessible and convenient way of shopping, your shipping or delivery fee will be updated immediately when you process to checkout. However, it is important for you to remember that you may be accountable for tax on products that enter your country, and other additional fees. The amount of tax depends on the type of products or items purchased. There are some internationally shipped items that do not require any tax. Unfortunately, this is something we can’t control. Any additional fees that go with Custom’s Clearance Procedure are not accounted by Spy Agents.

Once your order has already cleared Customs, the package which has a new tracking number is then given to your country’s local delivery service. We will not be given the new tracking number for your package. Nevertheless, we make sure that your shipment will arrive at your doorstep after a few days. Due to the kinds of products we transport and the strict policies of some countries’ Customs Regulations, there are certain products that take longer time for clearing than others.

Our products are engineered and designed to function in USA. Most of the international power systems use a 220V/50Hz, unlike the USA and other countries which utilize 110V/60Hz power. If you are in a country that does not have the same electrical with that of the USA, we recommend that you purchase an adapter or power converter to prevent any untoward incidents.

We are indeed happy to do business with our valued customers from over sixty countries.

Billing Privacy

For credit card payments, we accept from Western Union, PayPal, and US Postal Issued Money Orders that ensure the secrecy when doing business with Spy Agents. This further prevents potential conflicts about the delivery of your package.


If you choose to use Western Union for your payment, no personal information will be saved. Further, no checks and receipts will indicate from which site you did your orders. When using Western Union, you avoid getting charged with high-percentage transfer fees that are go with other less credible credit card providers. A flat $12 fee on all purchases will be placed by our company.

Shipping/Transporting Privacy

To protect our valued customers’ privacy, purchases are packaged in unmarked, unnoticeable boxes. If you do not like to receive your items in that manner, you have the option to have your package send through one of our local P.O Boxes or shipping hubs.

E-mail Privacy

To have a more security and privacy, we encourage you to create an e-mail account. This protects your purchase information.

You can select any of the free e-mail service providers that are listed below: