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Professional 256GB Digital USB Flash Hidden Spy Pen Voice Recorder

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USB Digital Voice Recording Pen in Gold 256MB Zoom


Professional 256GB Digital USB Flash Hidden Spy Pen Voice Recorder

What’s a more handy voice recorder than a device that comes in a simple pen design? Not only operating this device be effortless, but most importantly, people will have no idea as to its real identity. If you are seeking for a simple yet effective voice recorder then the Professional 256GB Digital USB Flash Hidden Spy Pen Voice Recorder is the right fit for you! It is capable of documenting very high quality audio footages up to 8 hours! Another bright thing about this unit is that it is a fully working pen so you and record and jot down your notes all at once. This is ideal for businessmen and students who are attending lectures, meeting and conferences and what’s to completely absorb the points of the presentation. Journalists can also make use of this wonderful recording unit which can be very useful when they are conducting interviews and covert missions.

Trouble-free operation

This device does not demand a lot when it comes to its operation. It only takes few easy steps then the unit is good to go. By sliding the pocket clip upwards, the device will start to record and by sliding it the opposite direction, it will discontinue documenting. In addition, when it comes to transferring of files, it doesn’t take a long time either. With its included USB cable, you can quickly move your data to your PC and at the same time use the cord to charge the unit. Since this is an upgraded model, it can now be attuned to use even with Mac.

Quality audio

This spy pen is capable of automatic sensitivity control for documenting clear audio nearer and farther away. It can record up to 12 long hours with its 256MB of internal memory so there is no need for an SD card.

Product Features

  • Includes automatic sensitivity control feature for close/distant recording
  • Contains built-in rechargeable battery
  • Simple to operate plug-in controller remote for after recording
  • Automatic file introduction and various search modes
  • Includes USB connection cable for quick battery recharging
  • Compatibility with Mac

Technical Specifications

  • Capable of XHD audio recording for 8 hours, 33 hours for LP audio
  • Contains 256 MB internal memory
  • Functions like any other ballpoint pen
  • Battery life: when recording- 12 hours. Playback- 8 hours

Consists of

  • 1 Spy Pen unit 256GB unit
  • 1 Plug-in after recording controller
  • 1 USB cord
  • 1 Set of Ear phones
  • 1 Instruction manual


  • Present listed retail price is the MAP price

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