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Standard SD Card 8GB

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Standard SD Card 8GB

Most devices and gadgets produced today have built-in slot for inserting SD cards to have more storage room for other data than other internal memory built. If you want store a lot of audio recording files, video footages, and other data files, Spy Agents’ Standard SD Card 8GB may be just the right thing for you.

This small and lightweight memory card can be compatible for your portable devices like computers, cameras, mobile phones, GPS tracking devices, and other top-of-the-line gadgets. This can store more than five full movies, over 10 video footages, or over 20 audio recordings. That’s a whole lot of files to be stored in a small device!

This comes with an adapter that can be inserted through large slots, so you do not have to worry about incompatibility of inserting to other devices. Be sure to have one Spy Agents’ Standard SD Card 8GB. This might come in handy when you need one.

  • Before purchasing this memory card, be sure to check the maximum GB your phone or other devices can support.
  • Always be certain that you are NOT looking for a MICRO SD card. They are surely not the same with an SD CARD.
  • And, check your computer’s facade if there is a reading device for SD card. If it does not have one, please do check the related items listed at the bottom.

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