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Miniature Surveillance IP Camera

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IP Video Surveillance Systems

If there’s one thing that clutters up an otherwise tidy room, it’s the sight of wires trailing all over the floor. In this age of high-tech security, there is no need to go for surveillance cameras with a bunch of wires that can easily get tangled with each other. With the IP Video Surveillance Systems, you get next-generation security at the best quality.

  • This system relieves you of stressing about interference on your cordless telephone and Internet router, for it is wireless!
  •  There are four 2.4 GHz cameras you can use for maximum coverage of your surroundings. The receiver in the system works with these cameras, so you have the choice of displaying them all at the same time or independently.
  •  Get full-color digitized video and high-quality images transferred directly to your computer.
  •  Motion alarm setting is available so you can record automatically once movement has been detected in the area.
  •  IP Video Surveillance Systems is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, and OS with 64-bit.
  •  Video and image resolution is 640x480, video up to 30 frames per second.
  •  Get a wide range at a maximum of 330 feet.
  •  Dimensions are 4x1 with a stand and 2x3.5 without a stand.


The IP Video Surveillance Systems package includes one full-color wireless video camera, one wireless receiver that has a built-in adapter for USB, one AC adapter, one CD for the system’s software, and one user’s manual.

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