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Lawmate Glasses Hidden Camera

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Lawmate Glasses Hidden Camera Zoom


Clear Glasses with Hidden Camera

Cameras are one of the most important and useful gadgets nowadays, but sometimes lugging around a heavy camcorder or DSLR isn’t appropriate. Here’s where the Clear Glasses with Hidden Camera will come in handy, for not only does it look just like a regular pair of eyeglasses; it’s also the ultimate tool in covert surveillance.

  • The hidden camera located in the frames is extremely lightweight, making the glasses comfortable to wear. Since it can be used anytime and just about anywhere, it also leaves you free to carry around other objects to keep up your disguise better.
  • If you’re recording outside, make use of the included pair of dark lenses to help you avoid squinting!
  • Video recording rate is at 30 fps for top quality, and with 640x480 TV Lines (720x525 for NTSC, 720x625 for PAL), you can be sure to get digital resolution.
  • Easily connect to your DVR to view your stored footage.
  • No need to worry about batteries, since it is charged through DVR.
  • Camera specifications are 4V illumination sensitivity, view angle at 60 degrees maximum, lens diameter at 5.75 millimeters, focal lens at .99 millimeters, depth of field at 1-10 centimeters, and lens F/number at 2.8.
  • Works with Mac OS and Windows OS, including Win8.

Package includes one Clear Glasses with Hidden Camera, an extra pair of dark lenses, one output connection cable, one DVR cable, and one user’s manual.

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