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HD Video Pen 8GB

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HD Spy Hidden Camera DVR Pen 8GB Recorder

James Bond may have popularized the exploding pen, but for daily use we’re pretty sure a functioning pen with a hidden camera will be more useful to you. Check out the features of the HD Spy Hidden Camera DVR Pen 8GB Recorder so you can understand what this one product alone can do for you.

  •  A pen, even with a hidden camera, would still be pretty useless if you can’t use it to write, but this item can really be used for writing. It lets you take down notes of whatever important information you need as well as keep the pen’s disguise working.
  •  The hidden camera, as small as it is, gives you high definition at 1280x720 resolution, at full color AVI video format, and up to 30 frames per second. With just one press of a button, this high-quality video recording starts right away.
  •  When the lithium ion battery is fully charged, the HD Spy Hidden Camera DVR Pen 8GB Recorder can let you record videos for as long as two hours. At a memory of 8 gigabytes, you can easily store your recorded footage for as long as you need.
  •  A USB port on the exterior of the pen would be very obvious, so this product has the port built inside the pen that you slide to reveal. This way you can easily transfer your files and charge the camera without compromising its disguise.


Package includes one HD Spy Hidden Camera DVR Pen 8GB Recorder, one USB connector, and one user’s pamphlet.

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