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Black and Silver Recorder Pen 256MB

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Black and Silver Recorder Pen 256MB Zoom


256MG Black Silver Audio Recorder Pen

Pens with an audio recorder feature are one of the most popular spy tools on the market, and you can’t get any newer and more updated than with the 256MG Black Silver Audio Recorder Pen. It features new software and more options to make covert surveillance even easier for you.

  •  Features a new slim and modern shape to, truly, fit the appearance of a regular writing pen.
  •  The pocket clip holds the secret to audio recording: slide it up to start, and slip it back down to cease recording.
  •  Suppose you need to use your pen and record at the same time. The 256MG Black Silver Audio Recorder Pen has no problem doing both and even for as long as 12 hours straight when the built-in battery is fully charged. You also get up to 8 hours of straight playback.
  •  Sounds both near and far away are recorded clearly on the pen with its special automatic sensitivity control.
  •  With up to 256 megabytes of internal memory, no need to carry a Micro SD card with you, for you can get a total of audio recording to around 36 hours.
  •  With the provided USB cable you can charge the built-in battery and transfer your files to your computer at the same time.
  •  Works with most computers, even those with Mac OS.
  •  New software features innovative options for searching through your audio files, such as playing the first part of a recording so you can find the right one faster.
  •  With plug-in remote control and no indicator lights to help you hide the pen’s secret features.


Package includes one 256MG Black Silver Audio Recorder Pen, one USB cable, one earphone set, one plug-in after-recording controller, and one instruction manual.

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