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A great gadget for journalists, students, investigators, secret shoppers, or anyone who wants to record good quality conversation is the Spy Agents pen recorders. Don’t miss a word with this ballpoint recording device that records more than two hours of conversation and lecture. Pen recorder is also convenient for those business people who prefer to listen to recorded lectures for better review.

Spy Agents pen recorders begin the recording with a push of a button. You can play back the recorded conversation from the pen recorder itself with the aid of a headset or you can connect it to a computer with the use of USB cable connection for you to be able to listen to the audio.

These pen recorders also work as an mp3 player so you can listen to music while you are writing your notes. They can enable you to transfer your files and manage them in your personal computer. Truly, pen recorders are an easy device to handle. And, they are ideal for recording any worth-it conversations.

Pen recorders provided by Spy Agents do not only record audio but they have those that record videos and capture photos.

With Spy Agents pen recorders, anyone can easily record any important conversation, lecture, and meeting. Students who have a hard time coping with their lessons can have pen recorders to take note of all the information they need for studying. A very useful tool for journalists who are doing a lot of interviews, pen recorder is something that every journalist must have. Transferring of files is also easily done so it does not take much of your time.

Pen recorder with camera is not too costly but is very functional. This device does multiple operations, ranging from recording audio to recording videos.

Pen recorders are a must-have for gadget geeks. Common people can also have them when they are immersed in a highly-conversation field. When you want to take notes and record at the same time, Spy Agents pen recorder is the right choice for you.