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Bush Baby Wireless Router 32GB

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Bush Baby Wireless Router 32GB

Nowadays, integrating security units in one’s home is seen as one of the clever moves to ascertain the security and safety of your valuables and loved ones. Indeed, there is no such thing as too much when it comes to our protection. With this, we only obtain the gadgets that will help us in this very serious matter. Since Wi-Fi routers has become a standard household unit these days, having a security system that comes in a router unit would be truly amazing. The Bush Baby Wireless Router 32GB is an excellent covert device that you can add to your home for extra surveillance. What makes this item more awesome is the fact that it is a fully working Wi-Fi router, too.

Covert Device

With its outstanding design, people will not have a clue as to its real function. It is perfect to keep an eye to your child’s nanny or simply monitor the people coming in and out of your room when you are not around. Because the electronics of the unit is securely packed inside, it still wouldn’t be known even to a curious handler. Together with the numerous blinking lights that it comes with, it surely completes the image of a router flawlessly.

Video Quality

This unit is capable of recording WXGA quality 1280x960 video with its 72 degrees viewing angle. Moreover, you can select as to it continuous recording or employ the motion detection setting. It is also remote control operated so, working it will be effortless.

Storage Space

This wireless router unit is able to hold32GB internal storage space and includes auto-overwrite feature making it a more convenient gadget for everyday setting.

Power Supply

Since this recording device is sustained by an AC adapter, worrying about its battery life is not a concern. You won’t be troubling yourself every now and then about its battery life for it is powered by the same AC adapter that controls the router, too.


Product Features

  • 1280 x 960 color video recording
  • Includes motion detection feature
  • Functional Netgear N3000 wireless router

Technical Specifications

  • 1280 x 960 @ up to 30 frames per second resolution
  • 72 degrees viewing angle
  • 32GB internal storage space
  • 120 V power supply

Consists of

  • 1 BB2WIFIROUTER32GB unit
  • 1 USB cord
  • 1 Remote control
  • 1 Instruction Manual


  • This Bush Baby item requires 24 to 48 extra hours for shipping and processing since they are built to order units.


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