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Bush Baby Clock Radio 16GB

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Bush Baby Clock Radio 16GB Zoom


16GB Bush Baby Clock Radio

Are you in doubt of the things occurring in your house while you are not home? Are you worried that your child’s baby sitter is not feeding your kid the right food or playing with them nicely? It is time to set your mind at peace and set up this 16GB Bush Baby Clock Radio in your home to have a full coverage of what is really happening when you turn your back for work. Since this camera unit is concealed in this everyday household item, people will not suspect this unit to be anything more than a radio clock device. This unit is capable of recording 1280 x 960 resolution video @ 30 frames per second which you can either document continuously or apply the motion detection mode. As to its storage and battery aspect, the 16GB Bush Baby Clock Radio embraces a 16 GB internal storage space and auto overwrite feature making it effortless for everyday use. Power supply will not be an issue considering that this device is directly sustained by an AC adapter.

Product Features

  • Fully working radio clock
  • Includes motion detection feature
  • Contains built in alarm clock
  • Comes with AUX input cord for MP3 player connection

Technical Specifications

  • 1280 x 960 @ 30 frames per second resolution
  • With 72 degrees viewing angle
  • Contains 16 GB of internal memory storage space
  • 120 V of power provider


  • Mac
  • Windows up to Win8

Consists of

  • 1 16GB Bush Baby Clock Radio unit
  • 1 Controller remote
  • 1 USB cord
  • 1  Dock instruction Manual
  • 1 DVR Instruction Manual



  • iPod device is not included for exhibition purposes only
  • Allow 24-48 hours for shipping and processing since this item is built to order

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