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Lawmate Audio Keychain Recorder

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Lawmate Audio Keychain Recorder

If you want to record your professor’s lectures without drawing much attention; or if you need to gather evidence through conversations, the Lawmate Audio Keychain Recorder can record quality audio without anyone suspecting it. The recorder is disguised under a car keychain design which is perfect if you need to record conversations secretly. This recording device is portable, handy, and of course, it has the perfect disguise.

Both its storage capacity and battery life can last up to 15 hours enabling you to record more of your professor’s lectures and even your family and friends’ conversations conveniently without them knowing it!


  • Looks just like a car keychain
  • Optional Audio Activation
  • Records for up to 15 hours continuously

Technical Specs

  • Battery Life: 15 hours


  • 1 x KC LM Audio
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Instruction set
  • 1 x headphone set
  • 1 x car key

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