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A good disguise is something that no one can ever notice. And one great example is a keychain camera which secretly records the movement of any person. Any normal person would not think or expect that a simple keychain can be inserted with a camera. The usual design of a keychain helps it to blend in with the crowd while capturing any colored video and audible sounds.

Spy Agents keychain cameras are usually mistaken as car keys and that’s why anyone can be fooled at a first glance. But they can’t be configured and programmed to unlock a car. Because these keychain cameras do not function as car keys, you can’t be able to carry these around and fool people that you are actually opening a car.

However, this kind of hidden device is very functional since it is built with a camera that has high resolution which captures clear and good quality images. This also records colored and crystal clear videos with sounds.

Although, people who are very much interested in these devices will most likely include them in their spy-gadget collection, you have to remember to always keep an eye on your family members with unassuming gadget. For those parents who have this feeling that their kids are getting the car without their permission after the curfew and while they are asleep, Spy Agents keychain cameras are good way to catch them since they have night vision feature that records in very low light conditions. For sure, kids can’t get away with their misbehavior.

If you really want to capture something you like but you have a hard time doing it, keychain cameras are the right kind of video recording for you.

Spy Agents has a whole lot of keychain cameras to choose from. So, don’t think twice in buying this one-of-a-kind hidden camera. You will never know, a significant event will happen in your life and you are able to capture it with Spy Agents keychain camera.