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Wireless Alarm and Motion Detection Recording

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Phone-Alert-First Wireless Motion-Activated Zoom


Wireless Alarm and Motion Detection Recording

An alarm system is definitely one of the things you should consider getting for your home or office. Not only will you feel more secure, but it gives great peace of mind to yourself and everyone else you know and enable you to get on with your activities better. Check out the special features of the Wireless Alarm and Motion Detection Recording so you can see why it would be the perfect product for you.

  • No monthly fees to keep track of! With the Wireless Alarm and Motion Detection Recording, you have a DIY system you can easily manage by yourself. It works by receiving 2.4G transmission signal, all wirelessly for better and quicker surveillance.
  • Get a maximum of four cameras, all wireless, and you can keep track of up to eight surveillance zones. Videos are recorded at 320x240 resolution and images at 640x480 resolution.
  • Save yourself from going through hours of blank footage with its motion-activated recording option. It detects vibration, door contact and even infrared and microwave radiation.
  • You also get other nifty features like automatic overwriting of old footage, cyclic recording, and vibration protection, not to mention its money-saving benefits with its low cost and minimal energy consumption (4.8 W). All data will be permanently recorded in the possibility of a power outage. It contains a removable SD Card so you can view your files on the gadget, your television, or PC. The memory card storage ranges from 32MB to 2GB.
  • Set the alarm to be audible or silent or make use of the delay function. If multiple areas have triggered the alarm, the 2.8 TFT LCD screen on the device will show all these areas at the same time.
  • You can save up to 6 different groups of preset telephone numbers for the system to dial when the alarm has been triggered. This option is not available for mobile phones.
  • Accidentally set the alarm off? No need to worry; for you can quickly correct the settings through the remote control or disarm through the main unit.


Package includes one complete Wireless Alarm and Motion Detection Recording unit and one instruction booklet.

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