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DIY Camera

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DIY Camera

The DIY camera is an ideal choice for any individual with surveillance needs. This top of the line do-it-yourself surveillance devices basically operates by just hooking it up to your computer, making your computer unit an instant security median. This device does not demand a lot of elements to function, as a matter of fact it only requires attaching of a DVR to the apparatus and the capturing of clear and fine video will now be achievable.

This do-it-yourself surveillance device is ideal for any surveillance needs. It is perfect for your home, office, business and many more. There are many beneficial ways that you can incorporate this easy to use surveillance camera to your everyday undertakings. Not only with its elegant black and silver casing design and its ¼” Sharp CCD camera with 420TVL resolution, but also working with it will not only be trouble free but provides exceptional results.

Since the employing of this device only needs the connecting of it to the PC, you don’t really need to be bothered by constantly charging the thing. Moreover, the storage space is not even an issue considering that it is linked to your computer, and you can simply integrate the memory of your PC for extra space and recovering of data in case of problems will not even be a burden since it can easily be executed.

Product Features

  • Operates with your computer
  • Guarantees fine sharp video with its 420 line Sharp CCD

Technical Specifications

  • Contains ¼” Sharp CCD
  • Full color
  • 420 TV Lines

Consists of

  • 1 CCTV-420 TVL unit
  • 1 Instruction manual

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