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Hidden Camera AC Adapter

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Hidden Camera AC Adapter Zoom


AC Adapter with Built-in Covert Camera

The best way for you to capture covert videos is to make use of an item that really doesn’t look like a camera at all. This is where the AC Adapter with Built-in Covert Camera comes in. The camera is hidden inside an exterior that looks just like a normal AC adapter, making it perfect for use in any part of the house or office where you need to keep an eye on things.

  •  Features a special Sony CCD camera that gives 700TVL resolution. Video recording is at high definition 1280x720 resolution in MPEG-4 video encoding and ASF file format.
  • Has a special motion detection control, so that recording starts when there is movement in the room only. This helps save time and memory.
  • Also has an overwrite function to ensure you always get the newest video footage.
  •  Compatible with SD cards with storage capacity of up to 32 gigabytes so you can keep up to 9 hours of high definition videos.
  • Does not give off signals, allowing you to keep your recorded videos safe from detection.
  •  Comes with a remote control for easier control and TV out cables for quick viewing.


Package includes one AC Adapter with Built-in Covert Camera, one remote control, one video cable for TV out viewing, and one instruction manual.

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