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Bush Baby Soda Bottle Green 30 Hours

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Bush Baby Soda Bottle Green 30 Hours

 If you’re planning to do some covert surveillance, you really can’t do better than going for the Bush Baby Soda Bottle. Even a close look at it will fail to reveal nothing more than one of the countless soda bottles you see every day, and yet this special product features a built-in camera and more.

  • The Bush Baby Soda Bottle has two separate sections that really hold liquid at the top of and near the base of the bottle for a truly authentic appearance.
  • The built-in hidden camera offers full color video of 1280x960 high quality resolution and up to 30 frames per second of recording.
  • Features motion detection capabilities.
  • Has a wide viewing angle of up to 72 degrees for a complete recording of the scenery.
  • Battery can last up to 30 hours on standby mode and shorter depending on the frequency of use.
  • Can support Micro SD cards of up to 64 GB storage capability. However, 64 GB cards are required to be in FAT32 format. They will also need an external SD card reader in order to acquire the files on the card. Micro SD cards purchased along with this product will readily come in FAT32 format for your convenience, and we will also provide an external SD card reader for 64 GB cards.
  • Orders for Bush Baby items may take longer since the products are made to order, so please allow an additional 24-48 hours of processing and delivery times.

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