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Bush Baby HD Samsung DVD Player 16GB

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Bush Baby HD Samsung DVD Player 16GB

With a 72° viewing angle, Bush Baby HD Samsung DVD Player is built-in with a very functional camera that tightens your home security. This is ideal for nanny cam, or catching cheaters and culprits. It adapts in your home environment making the device unnoticeable. Just like other bush baby products, this is also equipped with motion sensors that detect the slightest movements. It is a remote control operated allowing you to control the device with convenience.

It looks just like an ordinary DVD player, and even if it is handled by someone else, the camera is sealed well preventing anyone from touching it.

It records WXGA quality videos that can either have a non-stop recording, or motion detection mode. This unit has a 16GB internal memory and has an auto-overwrite feature that deletes and replaces old videos with fresh and new ones. Furthermore, both DVD player and camera are supplied with power using only one AC adapter, so you will not be worried about the gadget’s battery life.


  • Fully functional DVD player
  • Detects motion
  • Has a built-in clock
  • Time/date stamping on every video

Technical Features

  • 16GB internal memory storage
  • 12080x960 video resolution, up to 30 frame rate
  • 72° wide viewing angle
  • 120V power supply
  • Works with all Windows OS and Mac


  • 1 16GB Bush Baby HD Samsung DVD Player
  • 1 DVR remote control
  • 1 USB cord
  • 1 Dock manual
  • 1 DVR Users’ manual


  • Retail price is currently listed as MAP price
  • This is made-to-order. Please give us a 24-48 hours allowance for processing and the delivering the item.


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