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Bush Baby Coffee Pot 8GB

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Bush Baby Coffee Pot 8GB

Personal coffee pots are very popular in both the home and office, simply because a lot of people are dependent on that caffeine buzz to keep them active throughout the day. A good personal coffee pot doesn’t just work well; it looks durable and classic, too. The Bush Baby Coffee Pot gives you all this and more, for it’s not just a properly-working coffee pot; it is also the perfect gadget for your home and office security needs. Coffee pots are a dime a dozen, but why settle for ordinary ones? Just check out the features this special product can offer you:

  • The Bush Baby Coffee Pot has a hidden camera that can record videos of 1280x960resolution. The setting can be adjusted for continuous recording or activated by motion detection. What’s more, it comes with a ready 8GB internal memory, plus an automatic overwrite option that will erase the old files and make space for new recordings.
  • Camera is well-hidden, and not even a close inspection will reveal it. The Bush Baby Coffee Pot looks and works exactly like a regular one, making it the perfect item for covert surveillance.
  • Viewing angle of the camera goes up to 72 degrees, and at a frame rate of 30fps, you can be sure to get great quality videos.
  • Dimensions are 11” x 6” x 6”.
  • Suitable for Mac OS and Windows OS, including Windows 8.
  • Kindly allow a period of 24-72 hours for processing and delivery of the product, as the Bush Baby Coffee Pot is manufactured upon order. Package includes:
  • 1 Bush Baby Coffee Pot with 8GB internal memory storage capacity
  • 1 Instruction manual
  • 1 USB port
  • 1 Remote control



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