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Bush Baby Coffee Pot 32GB

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Bush Baby Coffee Pot 32GB Zoom


Bush Baby Coffee Pot 32GB

The phrase “covert surveillance” is commonly used nowadays, especially with the resurgence of popular James Bond films and other spy movies. This means that most people are aware that a lot of everyday objects may not be what they really seem, but if there is one thing that looks absolutely innocuous, it’s a coffee pot. This is why the Bush Baby Coffee Pot may just be the perfect gadget for you.

  • It is a perfectly working coffee pot that can store your coffee, tea, and other liquids. The real gem lies inside the hidden camera built inside each product. This means you can get the video surveillance you need and stay covert because the coffee pot really does look and work like one too!
  • The Bush Baby Coffee Pot also features a setting for motion detection  so you can choose whether to record videos nonstop or trigger recording when movement has been detected.
  • Video resolution is 1280x960 at a high quality 30 fps.
  • You get a wide viewing angle of 72 degrees for more video coverage.
  • You can get up to 32 gigabytes’ internal storage capacity. The camera also has an automatic overwrite option so you can be sure to get the latest happenings recorded.
  • Products’ dimensions are a nifty 11x6x6.
  • Compatible with the major operating systems Mac and Windows.

Package includes one Bush Baby Coffee Pot with 32GB internal memory, one remote control, one USB cable, and one user’s manual.

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