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Wired Button Pro Grade Color Camera DVR

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Wired Button with Audio Zoom


Wired Button with Audio

What would be a better choice of a covert recording device that for it to come in a plain button? It is simple, basic and other individuals would have no clue about its real identity.  The wired Button with Audio hidden camera is an ideal surveillance device especially if you don’t want to employ any blatant and bulky recording apparatus. It’s very easy to use and can simply substitute any button of a particular shirt or suit very flawlessly. With the upgraded version of this, it now contains a small and discreet microphone which is perfect.

High Quality Class

This recording device is able to diminish glares with its auto electric shutter feature by altering the range of light obtainable based on the intensity or dimness of the given atmospheres. The white balance feature enables to fix colors by making certain that white objects can give the white color.

It provides an outstanding CCD image sensor that hooks up to one plug directly to a DVR and to document it.

Flexibility Feature

While the previous versions of this device integrates plainly glued on buttons, this latest take on this gadget embraces a threaded lens which enables the wearer to adapt it to any part of the clothing. This way, it becomes more effective and can provide more promising results.

Product Features

  • Includes an auto electronic shutter and white balance feature
  • RCS video connection
  • Includes a jewel black box as carrying container

Technical Specifications

  • 0.3 lux for light intensity
  • 420 TVL resolution
  • 1 cable 3 ring. 2.5mm gold
  • 7.5” x 7.5” of physical dimensions


  • Mac
  • Mindows up to Win8

Consists of

  • 1 BC420 Camera unit
  • 1 Button covers and screw covers
  • 1 AV plug
  • 1 Audio video RCA adaptor
  • 1 Instruction manual

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