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Wired Button Camera with Audio Plus DVR Kit

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Wired Button Zoom


Wired Button

SpyAgents Wired Button is a hidden camera that is concealed to look similar with a shirt button or accessory button. It is widely chosen for covert and unnoticeable recording since they can’t easily catch anyone’s attention. The normal dinner or sport jacket button can be conveniently replaced with the wired button lens.

With its auto electronic shutter, it can reduce the brightness by adjusting the amount of light given in a certain area. It has a white balance option that can fix the color by making sure that white objects can give off white color. The device’s 420 resolution lines can be clearly displayed on TV.

The old-fashioned wired buttons were glued to only one placement, but the wired buttons now have a lens that can be threaded allowing you to place it anywhere you want.

It records high resolution images and videos which will not give you a hard time in viewing the footages.

This is indeed one of the favorite gadgets that customers love. Law enforcers, private investigators, secret shoppers, and other gadget-lovers will surely want to have this top-of-the-line gadget. It has also been used in radio operated toy cars and car drivers.


  • Automatic electronic shutter and white balance features
  • Video RCA connection
  • Has a sophisticated carrying case

Technical Features

  • Emits a small amount of distracting light called 0.3 Luminous Emmitance (LUX.)
  • Has 420 resolution lines
  • Dimensions: 7.5” by 7.5”


  • 1 Wired Button with camera
  • 1 Button covers and screw covers
  • 1 AV plug
  • 1 Users’ Manual


Windows up to Windows 8 and Mac

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