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Hunter Camera Detector

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Hunter Camera Detector

 Privacy is without a doubt a matter that we take with great importance. Nothing is worse than having spy cameras and other audio listening devices set up in your room or office space and documents you’re every move and utterance. If you are in doubt as to the real standing of your privacy and in doubt if these concealed devices might be prying on you, then it is time for a good purchase of a counter surveillance gadget. The Hunter Camera detector is an excellent choice for identifying the presence of these hidden cameras that may be in your room, bathroom, and office space or in your personal space.

Built-in sensitivity feature

While most detecting devices are not able to generate successful results, the Hunter Camera Detector is different. With its built-in sensitivity adjustment feature, it is able to distinguish signal strengths both weak and strong. All it takes is the sweeping in the particular area and steadily amplify the sensitivity until you obtain the target. It also includes the “fuzzy scanning” aspect which is capable of lessening bogus positives. Through this, you are able to save your time and gain flourishing results.

Easy to Employ

This device doesn’t require any complicated methods for it to be utilized. Once it’s turned on, the scanning can begin. Adjusting its sensitivity can be done by using the numerical LED display seen on the gadget. Moreover, you can go on the hunt clandestinely by integrating the silent vibrating feature or use its included earphones. With its convenient size and weight, it is easy to operate and carry around. Its battery life can sustain a two and half day usage, and you can furthermore use the device while it is still charging up.

Product Features

  • Includes a telescoping antenna
  • Has numerical LED sensitivity display
  • Includes LED Bar line detection display
  • Headphone support feature
  • Includes vibration mode

Technical Specifications

  • Has 50 MHz-6.0 GHz detection range
  • Has more or less 0.5 IL
  • Measurements: 5.5” x 2.75” x 1”
  • Includes built in Li-Ion battery for power supply (can work while charging)
  • Can continuously scan up to 2.5 days (on full charge)

 Consists of

  • 1 CD Hunter unit
  • 1 Set of ear buds
  • 1 AC unit adapter
  • 1 Instruction manual

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