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With the emergence of the digital evolution, computers and the internet are very much used at large for almost everything – be it for work, school projects, business or just plain socializing.  A transaction being done within the premise of the computer is very private and because of the somewhat ultimate privacy a lot of things can go on without your knowledge. Spy Agents understands the need to monitor computer activities for your safety and your family’s too.

Various options of PC surveillance software and surveillance programs are made for your accessibility and convenience. The different products that Spy Agents offers, from monitoring software to key logging programs, allows you to monitor all things happening or that has happened in a computer, discretely as it runs in the background without the user knowing that it even is there. These tracking software for the PC grant the user capacity to uncover every encoded material along with passwords, web history, chat logs, and more.

With specific surveillance USB drives, these programs and software can and will in fact send selected screenshots directly to your personal email address when certain words are entered – words that are configured to trigger this program feat. Essentially, the PC surveillance programs are made accessible, not to mention user friendly, even while you’re away so you can monitor, record and examine the application usage, system arrangements as well as the duration of these activities.

Spy Agents’ computer surveillance products take into regard the modern network connectivity, so once you secure a PC surveillance software and / or program from Spy Agents, you get the chance to collect information of how the computer was handled and what data are often logged in which helps you assess what kind of systems to establish and whether to actually consider the activities going on as dangerous or not.