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As the name suggests, digital voice recorders are portable devices intended to record voice and other sounds. These gadgets are equipped with playback options that do not need channels for it, along with a built-in microphone and a separate headset. Also, it allows you to systematically manage audio files made from the recorder through a removable flash drive or an internal hard drive which may be transferred to a computer for anything you wish to do like documentation, editing, or a mere playback.

Spy Agents provides different variation in the kinds of digital voice recorders we offer for business / legal recordings, journalism, professional recording or ultimately for surveillance purposes. This is to deliver the appropriate functionality of the device. There are concealed recorders that take the form of other objects for discreet recording, some are audio-triggered which begins recording once a key word is mentioned, while other ones are built with longer lasting batteries to allow lengthy recording.

These digital voice recorders by Spy Agents not only gives you access to easy audio documentation, but the recording gadget has versatile feats as well. It can also serve entertainment purposes as it can be an mp3 player and portable flash drive that stores data in digital formats such as WAV, WMA, MP3 DSS and DS2 for flexible application plus faster and easier sound quality adjustments.

What most people miss to see about digital voice recorders is the fact that it can be used for protection because of its primary function of recording sounds and hours of conversation. Purchasing digital voice recorders from Spy Agents entitles you to a credible reference material where you can back track on important information saved in the device thus giving you the ability to process the data and analyze it via computer or directly on the recorder.