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Although its tumble in the smart phone market, it is quite undeniable that Blackberry is still a prominent name in the business and there are still a lot of people spending for the mobile device, especially corporate people. Spy Agents recognizes and understands these matters which is the reason why we do not limit ourselves with the delivery of our products.

Since Blackberry mobile data can’t be retrieved with a SIM card reader, not like older cellular models, monitoring software and programs are provided by Spy Agents. These arithmetic forensic programs and software lets you monitor all Blackberry mobile phone activity undetected by the cell phone user. Spy Agents’ Blackberry monitoring applications grants you access to detailed activity reports through email with only a click of a button.

And by smart phone activity this includes: messages via SMS, MMS and emails, logged phone calls with complete specifications from dates to call durations all the way to contacts, photos and videos taken, and finally location updates from GPS data. The software allows you to monitor a Blackberry user with their mobile information anywhere you may be at any time without falling behind on updates.

Setting up the application gives signals and warns you of activities that may seem off because these programs can be configured to send alerts when specific locations are breached plus the fact that the activity reports can be set to transmit messages to your email as often as you see fit.

Availing the Blackberry monitoring programs and software from Spy Agents then completing the entire installation process entitles you to all these functions to ensure that you receive what you need to discern whether it is for investigating purposes or for pure monitoring as the application serves as a smart phone locator, as well, if the mobile device is lost.