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Although the iPhone might be a popular smart phone, there is no denying that the booming of the Android operating system is not far behind. Because of this, monitoring devices and programs are made not only for one kind of smart phone. Spy Agents also provides Android monitoring software and devices to probe into smart phones with Android operating systems.

With similar features as the iPhone monitoring gadgets – still by Spy Agents, these digital forensic gears will reveal everything you need to know about the Android user you wish to check up on in the most secretive manner. The cell phone monitoring device lets you discreetly uncover data in an Android smart phone from text messages, to phone call logs, internet and application usage, images and videos taken, current GPS locations, and other information whether deleted data or present data within the mobile device.

Conveniently, even while you are away and without the smart phone you are monitoring, the Android monitoring programs and gadgets allow you to continue investigating at any time in real time nevertheless. So, you can be in the know of all their activities and mobile phone usage all the time without delay.

Only a few minutes is all it takes for you to acquire these exceptional functions as that’s how long – no, scratch that – how short the installation requires to complete the process and set up the program for activation. Most of all, it is simple to manage as the software is already configured for your convenience. Data storage is automatically done before any possible accidental deletion occurs.

Spy Agents grants you the chance to avail all these. By availing our Android monitoring products you are entitled to advantages like locating a lost Android device, controlling and establishing systems for the usage of the smart phone, recording and monitoring conversations, checking on the content of the files exchanged, or to make sure the Android owner isn’t into some monkey business.