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Voice Recorder with Dual Mics and Bluetooth

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Voice Recorder with Dual Mics And Bluetooth

A device built-in with dual microphones and noise and other sound reduction for comprehensible audio recording, this is another Spy Agents state-of-the-art phone voice recording device.

This can easily be plugged into a wall jack. After choosing the recording quality type, you can set the device to auto-answer, and you can already listen to the recorded audio files with or without the earphones.

You can adjust the exchange between the recording quality and time when you choose among the following:

  • Standard quality (SP)
  • Extra high quality (SHQ)
  • High quality (HQ)
  • Long play (LP)

It has a long play mode that can save 283 hours of audio recording on its 4GB internal memory. To have an auto-recording, you can a specific time in its timer.

The device has a built-in Bluetooth that allows the user to have an easy phone recording through Bluetooth sync. The files are saved as MP3 and WMA formats and are easily transferred to the computer through a USB port.


  • Records after a single push of a button
  • Phone recording
  • Modifiable quality settings
  • Built-in speaker, microphone, and rechargeable battery
  • Dual microphones
  • Voice activation
  • Has timer for auto-recording
  • Bluetooth sync
  • Noise reduction

Technical Features

  • 4GB internal memory and can expand with MicroSD cards up to 8GB
  • MP3, WMA, and ACT file formats
  • 15-hour battery life
  • Recording time:
    • 283 hours for LP
    • 141 hours for SP
    • 70 hours for HQ
    • 47 hours for SHQ


  • 1 Voice Recorder with Dual Mics And Bluetooth
  • 1 Users’ manual
  • 1 Wall adapter
  • 1 pair of earphones
  • 1 Phone recording kit
  • 1 Microphone set for external
  • 1 USB cord

Note:  Not all digital phone lines will be supported.

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