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Clear HD Video Glasses

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Clear HD Video Glasses

When you think of spy gadgets and covert surveillance tools, you think of them as being used pretty much most of the time, but this isn’t exactly so. The perfect spy tool would be something you can carry around with you and look natural all the while, even if you are not using it. This is why the Clear HD Video Glasses is one of the best gadgets that help you record videos anytime you need to.

  •  Eyewear is one of the best accessories simply because it also helps improve vision and protect the eyes, so you can use wear the durable, classic Clear HD Video Glasses even if you don’t need to record videos all the time.
  •  Get clear video resolution at 640x480 dimensions for top quality, and 40 minutes of recording will consume about one gigabyte.
  • The Clear HD Video Glasses has a built-in memory of 8 gigabytes so you can rest assured it will be a long while before you run out of space.
  •  Video recording can last as long as 2 hours when the battery built-inside the frames is fully charged.
  •  Works with Mac and Windows OS, even Windows 8.
  •  With the provided USB cable, you can quickly send and receive your files straight from the internal memory of the glasses.


Package includes one Clear HD Video Glasses, one glass cloth for keeping the glasses clean, one carrying case to keep the product secure, one software disc, one USB cable, and one instruction booklet.

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