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Voice changers, also called as voice enhancers, are devices that changes a person’s voice to make it sound like another person or to disguise their own voice. You can choose any type of voice you want.

These voice changers alter the tone or pitch, add other twists to the voice, or they can do a combination of everything to make it really sound very different. There are other features that can make the voice sound so different that gives a listener a difficult way to understand.

They are also used when a person does want to be identified over the radio or in the Internet. For animators, voice changers are very convenient when they are doing voiceovers and other audio projects like animated films and special effects.

The earliest forms voice changers were electronic devices that were usually attached to a telephone solely for the purpose of disguise. They were not that costly before since they were powered by lithium batteries. But with the advent of technology, more sophisticated voice changers are now being marketed to the public.

Spy Agents has a wide range of voice recorders to choose from. They differ in the number of pitch ranges and the number of voices that can be modified. By simply speaking through the built in microphone of the voice changer, it directly gives out the altered voice that you wanted. Truly, it is a hassle-free and easy way for you to manipulate and operate the gadget. You can also change the volume according to how loud you want it to have.

When you are inclined in doing a lot of voice experimentations, Spy Agents voice recorder is the right choice for you. These gadgets are certainly one of the top-of-the-line devices now. They are especially built with features that will surely give you more satisfaction that you have ever expected. Grab one now!