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Even before the invention of cell phones, one of the longest existing communication channels is the telephone. Given that telephones are used to relay messages, these are one of the things you should monitor when considering investigation projects for security and precautionary measures. Telephone voice recording has long been introduced since the invention of the telephone itself but Spy Agents has developed a more developed and refined version of these telephone voice recording gadgets.

These telephone voice recorders provided by Spy Agents can be – setting aside the negative notion of infiltration – used for safety reasons, quality control (for business functions), and supervision purposes by recording telephone conversations and noting the caller ID. This can be done by facilitating the different system items which include a digital voice recorder, a telephone jack and mini-plug cable to connect the recorder to the telephone, a duplex phone jack connector and SD card for storage without any need for other hardware or software installation.

Spy Agents’ versatile and convenient telephone voice recorders allow you to clearly record any telephone conversations from both ends of the line with preferred adjustments you can toggle from quality modes, microphone sensitivity and digital pitch controls for playback. These devices have voice activation functions, clock and alarm settings, file search and data management features. These also display the date and time of the recordings plus the remaining record time and memory.

Considering the different types of telephone recording devices Spy Agents produce, our telephone voice recorders are open to being provided in analogue cassette which are simpler or in digital format which have more flexibility for file transfer and PC archiving. Moreover, the various telephone recorders can either be set to run automatically while the landline is in use or be manually enabled to begin documenting silently in the background anytime.