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The difference between audio and video recorders is the kind of sound these two devices record. Voice recorders solely record the voice messages but audio recorders encompass more than just voice. They record different types of sounds like singing, instrumental, or natural sounds.

If your field work relates to recording different kinds of sounds like shooting your first film and you don’t have that much amount to purchase those sophisticated recording devices, then Spy Agents will provide you with something that is surely worth your budget.

Spy Agents audio recorders can handle your audio work for you. This is too sophisticated but it can surely record any sound you want to capture. Though, these audio recorders have built in microphones, you might want to do improvisations after your hear what you have just recorded. They don’t usually produce high-quality audio sound for your video production.

But for ordinary activities,Spy Agents audio recorders will certainly suit your taste. Just place the device near the sound you want to record so that clearer sounds will be captured. If there are instances when you want to record the speech of a person, you have to think of creative ways to get near the sound source so that you will have a better audio recorded.

Since it is an audio recorder and it captures different kinds of sounds, be mindful to focus on what you should be recording so that other sounds will just be a part of the background sounds.

With Spy Agents audio recorders, you will have a good start for your film-making career. It is a good way to practice your future work. You can do a lot of experiments to slowly and continually but surely improvise your craft. Don’t waste your time with not-so-good and not-worth-it audio recorders.Spy Agents audio recorder is the right choice for you. So, hurry now and see our different types of audio recorders especially made for you.