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The world's largest spy store and spy shop, The Spy Store offers the most extensive and varied selection of spy gear and spy equipment including video surveillance equipment, audio surveillance equipment, telephone surveillance equipment, PC surveillance equipment, employee surveillance equipment, GPS tracking surveillance equipment, loss prevention surveillance equipment, and counter surveillance equipment at the lowest prices you will find!


About Us

Protection And Security At Its Best!

Kidnapping, stealing, killing, illegal trespassing – these are just a few of the unpleasant things we get to know most of the time. We hear them on television and radio. We read them on newspaper and Internet. With what is currently happening now, we are certainly not 100% safe and secured. If we are not that careful, if we do not make extra security measures, then we or our innocent children can possibly be the next that target of these low-life individuals who do nothing but bring harm to our loved ones.

Spy Agents knows about the current situation we are in now, and as a leading surveillance gadgets provider, we always make sure that we can deliver state-of-the-art and reliable surveillance devices for the protection of you and your family. We provide well-manufactured different kinds of hidden cameras, tracking devices, cellphone or personal computer monitoring, video surveillance, audio devices, counter surveillance, and other spy gear that cater to your specific security need.

Our devices do not only protect your home and family. Business establishments can also benefit from these gadgets. For those professionals who need to do audio recording and covert recording operations, we have the tools just right for you. We have also been servicing more than a thousand law enforcement agencies that ensure the safety of everyone in any place, at any time of the day. Basically, we provide the basic security measures that are definitely worth your time and money.

For our valued consumers, you do not have to worry about the buying protocols. Once you have decided to purchase any of our products, we always make sure that the items are safely sent to you on time and right in front of your doorstep.

If you do have any questions, comments, reactions, or just anything you want to share with us, please do not hesitate to contact us. We always appreciate your presence and time spared for us.

Spy Agents wants everybody to be safe because we care. Don’t wait for something bad to happen. It is always better to be prepared than to regret for not doing anything.

Spy Agents Team