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5.8 Ghz Wireless Camera System Upgrade

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Wireless Surveillance Cameras 5.8GHz

Sometimes even the most subtle and ingenuous of surveillance products are not enough because what you really need is perfect quality and top-notch features. The Wireless Surveillance Cameras 5.8GHz may be exactly what you need, and look no more for the perfect product by simply checking out all the features it has to offer you:

-              One of the best features of this item is its 5.8 GHz technology. Most gadgets nowadays use the 2.4 GHz frequency, and this way you can stay free from unwanted interruptions and delays from the common 2.4 GHz band. The 5.8 Ghz also means you won’t lose any files or data from other wireless instruments like Wi-Fi from smart phones and Internet routers.

-              Next up is the Wireless Surveillance Cameras 5.8GHz’s video recording features. The wireless band can reach up to 50 meters, and the full-color video shows a resolution of up to 380 TVL or Line CMOS.

-              To get the best quality videos, simply ensure that the camera is facing the exact direction of your intended goal. Even if your target moves around, the camera has a wide enough angle to let you see everything in a room of normal size.

-              For covert surveillance, the camera’s small dimensions and user-friendliness make it easy to hide and disguise.

-              For viewing your files, all you need to do is attach the camera to the provided AC adapter and then connect your television or VCR to the included wireless receiver.

Package includes one Wireless Surveillance Cameras 5.8GHz, one wireless receiver, one video cable for connecting to your TV or VCR, one adapter for the camera, one adapter for the wireless receiver, and an instruction pamphlet.

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