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4GB Night Vision Silver Dial Watch

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Silver Watch with Night Vision 4GB Zoom


4GB Night Vision Silver Dial Watch

Whether you’re out to buy your first ever wristwatch or off to get a new one for a special occasion, you would do well to consider going for the 4GB Night Vision Silver Dial Watch. Not only will you get a precise time and date keeping, you also get extra features that keep it from just being another accessory.

  •  The 4GB Night Vision Silver Dial Watch has a timeless yet chic design that makes it a great ornament for just about any event or occasion. It has two adjustment knobs like most other watches, but the secret lies in what they really are: one is the hidden camera, and the other is the charging port.
  •  The hidden camera is everything you can ever want. Even from a device so tiny, it fits inside a wristwatch. It features full color AVI video recording at 1920x1080 resolution, and at 30 fps and a viewing angle of 90 degrees; you can be sure you get good footage.
  •  Want to capture images? The 4GB Night Vision Silver Dial Watch can also take still images at a stunning 4032x3024 resolution.
  •  Its 4GB storage capacity means you can safely keep your images and videos without needing to make sure you transfer your files every hour.
  •  The camera also has a night vision setting that works even in total darkness with its infrared sensors. You can even switch the indicator lights off for truly covert surveillance.
  •  The wristwatch is water resistant for up to ten feet.
  •  For file transfer, simply connect the wristwatch to your PC or laptop using the USB cable, and in no time at all your images and videos will be received.


Package includes one 4GB Night Vision Silver Dial Watch, one USB cable, one disc, one AC adapter, and one instruction manual.

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