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4GB Cell Phone Recorder with Voice Activation

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VR Forus Cellphone Digital Recorder 4GB Zoom


VR Forus Cellphone Digital Recorder 4GB (description page)

The VR cellphone recorder is a great device used to record any mobile phone conversations. This very simple device is directly attached to your cellphone and with a press of a button you can already start recording your phone conversations. You just have to use your phone like how any person uses the phone when calling.

The one-press operation and the convenient ways of transferring files from your phone to the computer with the use of a USB cable are the features that make this gadget stand out from other cellphone digital recorder. The USB cable can also be utilized for battery charging. This is indeed suitable for everyone especially those who are novice users. This does not need to have software for the cellphone digital recorder to run; therefore, this is already compatible with Mac.

This gadget has a 4GB internal memory that stores a 144-hour of high quality audio storage. The rechargeable battery can stay up to 20 hours when you want to have a continuous recording session. This has a feature called a voice activated recording that can begin the recording in a snap of fingers.


  • Voice activation or VOR mode
  • Has a built-in charging battery
  • Accessible usage of plug-in remote control after recording
  • An internal storage of 4GB
  • 20-hour continuous recording
  • USB connection cable for file transfer and battery charging
  • Mac compatible

Technical Features

  • 20 hours of audio and 10 hours playback for single charge
  • Internal memory of 4GB
  • 4-pole audio connection, can work with most phones,smartphone including iPhones
  • 144 hours of audio storage
  • 29mm x 7 mm x 69 mm dimensions


  • 1 VR Forus Cellphone Digital Recorder 4GB
  • 1 Plug-in control after recording
  • 1 USB cord
  • 1 Earphone set
  • 1 Manual booklet

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