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8GB Night Vision Silver Dial Watch

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Silver Watch with Night Vision 8GB Zoom


8GB Night Vision Silver Dial Watch

A camera, hidden inside a wristwatch, why not? With the 8GB Night Vision Silver Dial Watch, you don’t just get a modern, timeless accessory; you also take covert surveillance with you all throughout the day and night.

  •  The 8GB Night Vision Silver Dial Watch is in itself a perfectly functioning wristwatch in that it gives you the time and date stamp you need. However, one of the adjustment knobs on the borders of the face of the watch is actually a hidden camera, allowing you to record your surroundings without having to tote a camera around.
  •  The hidden camera may be small, but at a viewing angle of up to 90 degrees and resolutions of 1920x1080 for video and 4032x3024 for still images, don’t be fooled by its small size, for you will get full color and high definition. Yes, not only does it record AVI videos at 30 fps, it takes pictures too!
  •  A lot of wristwatches have water resistant capacities, and the 8GB Night Vision Silver Dial Watch is no different. This special gadget will stay safe even up to 10 feet under water.
  •  The best surveillance cameras have night vision option, and this feature is available, too. Simply activate the infrared sensors, and you can even keep the indicator lights off so you can stay inconspicuous in darkness.
  •  Its internal storage of 8GB is equipped for saving your images and videos, and with the USB cable provided, you can send your files to your computer with no hassle.


Package includes one 8GB Night Vision Silver Dial Watch, one disc, one AC adapter, one USB cable, and one instruction booklet.

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