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16GB Night Vision Silver Dial Watch

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Silver Watch with Night Vision 16GB Zoom


16GB Night Vision Silver Dial Watch

For most of us, we just don’t feel right leaving the house without first slipping on our trusty wristwatch. What could be better than getting a wristwatch with a hidden camera? The 16GB Night Vision Silver Dial Watch may be just what you are looking for. Check out the features listed below so you can see what you are missing out on.

  •  This special wristwatch has a pinhole camera hidden on one of the adjustment knobs, allowing you to record your surroundings and appear natural all the while. The other knob is for the charging port.
  •  The camera wristwatch’s classy style is suitable for any event and outfit, and it, too, keeps correct date and time, making it a perfect covert surveillance gadget.
  •  You can’t get any better with the wide viewing angle of 90 degrees, full color video resolution (AVI format) at 1920x1080, and a frame per second rate at 30, better than the majority of all other camera watches out there.
  •  Can even take still images of 4032x3024 resolution, ensuring you get top-quality pictures.
  •  Has 16 gigabytes of internal memory so you can safely store your images and sounds without worrying too soon about deleting or transferring them.
  •  Is water resistant up until a depth of 10 feet. That’s something not all watches, with or without hidden cameras, can claim.
  •  Contains special infrared sensors for night vision recording option, all with the press of a button. Indicator lights can be turned on or off at your convenience.
  •  Easy and speedy file transfer is done via the provided USB cable.


Package includes one 16GB Night Vision Silver Dial Watch, one AC adapter, one software disc, one USB cable, and one user’s manual.

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