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Professional Dual Car Cam with GPS Logger

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Professional Dual Car Cam with GPS Logger


At this time and age, it has become a necessity to obtain good quality security devices that will be able to protect your valuables. The Dual Car Cam Pro is an excellent instrument that will aid you in your vehicle security needs. With its dual camera feature, it will be able to document both the interior and exterior visions of your car. This is certainly a useful element to add in your precious automobile since this car camera provides a lot of benefits including:

  • Insurance Purposes: Able to document actual circumstances in a car mishap.
  • Supervising Purposes: Ideal for new driving instructors or young drivers.
  • Surveillance Purposes: Ideal for Commercial drivers (taxi, truck, delivery etc.)
  • Monitoring valet drivers
  • Able to take footage in case of car vandalism and other purposely done car wrecks

Video Quality (VGA)

This recording device is able to document a 640 x 480 fine color resolution video at up to 30 fps. It has an AVI file support feature that is able to hold a 2GB- 16GB SD card.

Data Analysis Interface

The device is capable of playback views of the camera. Moreover, it also includes text location data and Google maps location features which are very helpful. It will be able to tell every necessary detail including the identity of the driver, the individuals that were with the driver, what happened with the car, the exact time and location, as well as the duration of their stay to a particular spot. With its g-sensor, it is also able to report the precise driving speed.

Effortless to operate and set up

Placing the device into position is no complex procedure. It can easily be attached to the car window with the DVR suction mount. The unit can be sustained by simply charging it or by powering it through the vehicle’s car lighter.


Product Features

  • Has a 640 x 480 @30 frames per second (15fps when recording for both views)
  • Convenient: 2 cameras in 1 unit
  • Google Map support feature
  • GPS logging feature
  • H .264 Encoding for advanced quality
  • Includes an Auto Overwrite feature

Technical Specifications

  • Has a 640 x 480 resolution (30fps for 1 cam. 15fps 2 views)
  • Supports 2GB- 16GB MicroSD cards
  • MP4 Format
  • H .264 Encoding

Consists of

  • 1 DCCP unit
  • 1 Suction mount
  • 1 Adhesive mount
  • 1 GPS antenna
  • 1 Car power adapter
  • 1 Instruction Booklet

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