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Wireless Air Purifier DVR

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Wireless Air Purifier DVR

Spy Agents’ Wireless Air Purifier DVR is not just an air purifier, but a covert security system that is connected to a PC to ensure the safety and security of the people you love. This is now compatible and attuned with all types of Windows OS with 32 and 64 bit. For faster, easier, and more convenient way of viewing the video, this wireless system can directly be connected to a television or any monitor.

Because of its form, no one will ever notice that the air purifier is secretly keeping a watchful eye inside your home or office. When the camera is accidentally seen, you don’t have since it is sealed inside the system making it hard to manipulate. This is really ideal to check your baby sitter or to watch your personal belongings while you are not around.

This can record a high quality video with a resolution of 1280x960 over a viewing angle of 72°. You can either have a continuous record or change the settings of motion detection according to how you want it to work. Like any voice recording device, this wireless DVR is built-in with motion sensors operated with a remote control. The camera is protected with a weatherproof electrical box preventing curious people from touching and manipulating the camera.

Since the device is connected to your PC, recorded files are directly saved to the computer. The camera is powered by an AC adapter which also powers the fan of the air purifier.

With Spy Agents’ Wireless Air Purifier DVR, you are assured of cleaner breathing air since it also filters dirty air and turns it into clean air. You will not be feeling so stressed after hours of working. Your home is not only secured. You have cleaner air for you and your family.

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